UPDATE: now with music! :) thanks to my friend Juan Ignacio Ferrari https://soundcloud.com/jiferrari and the Borksy tool, thank you to everyone who suggested it!

the game uses just the arrows, click once on the screen if they're not working :)
also, bitsy doesn't have a sound option, but if you want to listen to some music while you play, i recommend "plantasia" by mort garson~

i made a demo for this story in 2019 for my art thesis, with higher resolution and complexity, but i never finished that version.

i now found this minimalistic game-making program called bitsy, and having to work my way around its limitations helped me finish it in a concise way. 

próximamente también en español (chileno) u-u

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Tags1-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Bitsy, Exploration, Pixel Art, Retro, Robots, Sci-fi

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I love this!! Beautiful style, and great humor and emotion.

¡Me ha encantado! Me ha sorprendido la parte del espejo. Una historia muy bonita :)

Great game and musics!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ:・゚✧

i love this game, low key cried a little and i love the vibe


that makes me really happy :) thank you sm

loved it, i'll be waiting for your next game♡

aw thank youu <3 i'm glad :)

what does 1south 8west 7south 1west mean??

like where is it ive been trying for 30 mins

try thinking of the cardinal directions as you would on a map! (。•́︿•̀。)

i did!

but from where....

where's the starting point?

(1 edit)

right in front of the computer where you read it :0

edit: i think a possible problem is that you can read it from the side of the computer too 

what do u do when u get two flowers and a key from ur spacship?

you mean you couldn't get past that point of the game, or you didn't know what those objects were for?
if it's the 2nd you can't do anything with them

Hey this story felt really nice. The teleportation puzzle is really nice too, I wanna cop that for a future game (:< 

hahaha i stole that from pokemon gold so it's ok x) thank you!


So good! Very pleasant, the ending is perfect. Really liked what you did with the 'menu' screens at the beginning and while looking into the mirror :)) <3


Thank youuu :) I'm glad that you like the ending too! it's a very dear little story to me <3

loved this game - great job! ❤️  I really enjoyed the feeling of piecing together the back story ☺️

Thank you so much! :) 

You’re very welcome! ☺️

fyi, the bitsy hacks ("borksy" is a good start - that's the title to search on itch; it's in the "tools" section) let you add audio very easily; you can also swap out the files on this page for the "hacked" version without disturbing the page continuity.

Ah thank you! I did come across borksy, but I was too lazy to read about it and just wanted to make my game as soon as I could, and didn't want to get too distracted. But I think it could be useful for updating the game in the future :)


A spinning chair  ʷʰᵉᵉᵉᵉ


that's my favorite part x)

Hi, if you want to make Iro 2, i'll be glad to help you with the music or the art, thanks for creating this game

Hola, si quieres hacer Iro 2, me encantaría ayudarte a hacer la música o el arte, gracias por crear este juego


Hola, por ahora no necesito nada pero muchas gracias por la oferta :) y qué bueno que te gustó <33

Beautiful little game. The soundtrack suggestion went nicely with it :)


oh I'm glad and thank you! :) I'll probably add sound eventually anyway


a retro vending machine.
nice aesthetic~

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It's a fun game,i want to know is there have another ending,because there still have something to solve,the talking tree wants flowers,are they useful?the locked door,what's inside?and the spaceship,you only can see the plant,but what's that meaning?

Still have something to understand,and yes this game needs some musics,but it's already have much interesting.

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the flowers are just a little joke x) there's nothing to do with them. the character just likes them. nothing else inside the locked door, either.
and no, there's not another ending, if you want a hint about what's in the ship, it's in the diary in the bedroom ;) thanks for playing!

¡Hola! Tu juego es precioso, con un estilo genial, y he visto en los comentarios que te gustaría añadirle música. Échale un vistazo a esta herramienta si quieres, espero que te sirva:


es justo lo que necesitaba muchas gracias ToT

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De nada, para eso estamos :)

La misma persona hizo también una herramienta para poder poner canciones distintas a cada una de las "salas". ¡Se pueden hacer cosas maravillosas en Bitsy!

Un saludo.

Exelente concepto, el arte y todo el juego en general te lo deja todo a tu imaginación. Continua asi!!!

Le agregaria musica para ambientar y algunas puertas son un poco confusas.

muchas gracias <3

sí, quiero ponerle música eventualmente. quizás algún update chico al juego mismo también, pero por ahora quise terminarlo rápido para que no se me volviera a alargar infinitamente el proyecto.

y sí, fue complicado lo de las puertas /pasadas de un lugar a otro, porque el programa es muy limitado, entonces quedaban ya sea muy ocultas, o muy obvias, no sabía bien cómo balancear eso.  igual quería que hubiera cierto desafío de descubrirlas así que lo dejé asi :)

Saw this post on your Instagram and decided to try it out. Really enjoyed the art style and the story was very cute! The portraits at the end were a very nice touch, great job!! 

thank you so much for your playing and commenting! :) 
i really like pop-up close-up windows on games, and since this program is very limited i had to work my way around it to add something like that. I'm happy you liked it!